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Our goal is to make code analysis easy while remaining completely modular, extensible and language independent.

See what languages we support currently apart from our generic algorithms at


Every static code analysis has a new user interface and other duplicated parts.

coala unifies code analysis.

coala provides a user and a developer interface, letting developers focus on logic only and users focus on content.

It is fully language independent and any analysis routine can be used for as many languages as it is fit for.

setup details

Get It!

sudo pip3 install coala-bears

You can install coala without any bears, just the bare framework, with sudo pip3 install coala.

Try It!

cd project && coala --files="**/*.py" --bears=PEP8Bear --save

Your configuration will be automatically saved to the .coafile in the current directory. Use coala -A to see what bears are available. Bears can be installed as pip packages.

Commit It!

git add .coafile && git commit -m "Add coala configuration"

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What your developers have to know:

Just Execute coala

Right where your .coafile lies.

And of course, coala works on Linux, Windows and Mac! Just make sure to use Python 3.

You can also execute coala right from your editor. Check out, or

If you want to use coala to automatically review pull requests, consider using GitMate. Please mind that GitMate is a prototype.

more info

Visit our documentation at


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